Roleplay Convention 2018

The Aesthetes at Role Play Convention 2018 in Cologne.

Thanks for all the awesome people from Cult of Chrome for the unforgettable weekend: Mediocre \8/ , Boar – LARP Props and CosplayAnvil Apocalypse ArtWastelandPirateIt’s Loki CosplayMajor Graphics and CostumesLujayne SealyaNesuki & Dominik HollSaba HeAndreas KawaTribe RiotDokter Zusj & Natalja TrofimovaAmom PjraydTrolHel DarkspawnJaro KriegStickweeds Arts and Crafts and all we have forgotten and Blessed Hellride for the throne

Watch the aftermovie, at 5:07 you can see us

Role Play Convention Aftermovie RPC 2018 from Miami Rockers on Vimeo.