TV Auftritt


Der Saarländische Rundfunk hat eine kleine Reportage über uns und unsere Vorbereitungen für ein Halloween-event in einem alten Bergwerk gedreht! Das Erlebnisbergwerk Velsen ist eine absolut passende Endzeitlocation. Wir werden nicht das letzte Mal dort gewesen sein!
Wir hatten sehr viel Spass dabei mit den Leuten vom SR zu drehen und natürlich beim Erschrecken der über 2000 Besucher!

Hier gehts zum Video :

Fantastic Weekend


Wir waren unter den wenigen ausgewählten Künstlern, die am Fantastic Weekend, einer Veranstaltung des Colors of Pop Festivals in Saarbrücken.

Es waren zwei tolle Tage, wo wir unsere Werke am Saarländischen Staatstheater den interessierten Besuchern präsentieren und erklären konnten.

Con Display


Wir haben unser Con Display-Regal fertiggestellt. die erste Con, auf der wir es mitbringen wird das Fantastic Weekend in Saarbrücken am 13. und 14. Oktober sein.

Gamescom Branch-Party


We were invited to the official Gamescom Branch-Party in cologne. Amongst other post apocalyptic teams we were hired to come in costumes and make fotos with the guests and live the topic of the party „Apocalyse 2017“. Under the guests were lot of people of distinction like CEOs, programmers from the game industry and youtubers.

Blessed Hellride Stageoutfit


We made the Stageoutfits for the Heavy Rock Band Blessed Hellride for their gig at the FARK Convention, to give them a touch of wasteland.

We were also rocking with them on stage for a song. OMG !


back home


After a strong post apocalyptic week with gamescom branchenparty (togehter with BASEMENTAL PROPS, Junkyard Army, Raptobot, Z Montagen and the Wasteland Warriors) and Fark – Fantasy und Rollenspiel Messe convention in a camp together with Anvil Apocalypse Art and Boar – LARP Props and Cosplay the aesthetes are back home and finally clean again. This was a week after our fancy!

Oldtown 2017


OldTown in poland, europes largest post apocalyptic festival. We still feel it in our bones. An exciting week full of amazing people, stories, fun, beer and knetsers is over. Thanks to ROTN Rusty Outback Trading Nomads fraction for taking us with them. You rule ! Thanks also to the guys who helped us getting the camper out of the mud.

All photographs are courtesy & © of their respective photographers.

Vehicle mod


We are going to the Oldtown Post apocalyptic Festival in Poland, so we needed the apropriate ride!

Tadaa, our new project is modding a Hobby 600 campervan. One of the challanges is to make the armor detachable, so we can still drive on the street with it. First we will paint it with a matt sandy color, then we need someone who does a professional airbrush with rust effects. Meanwhile we made some plans for the frame that will hold the armor.


Post Apocalyptic bracers


I am currently crafting a pair of post apocalyptic bracers. I first made a cardboard model and then cut out the shape of an small oil barrel with an angle grinder. I wanted to have the nice letters and this ringe shape in it. I sanded them to let them rust.  I put them into a mixture of water, salt, acetic acid and bleach. It began to rust after minutes. Don’t leave them completely dived in. Just water them from time to time. I will leave them in the rain for some days now.




1st Wastelanders BBQ


On may, 1st, we had our first Wastelanders BBQ at the Burg Kerpen Illingen in Southwest Germany. The day was a blast! We had a good time with a fotoshooting and lots of grilled meat. Special thanks to Danny from Anvil Apocalypse Art and his wife Carolina, they came from belgium!





guard helmet


I wondered how to reproduce the Guard Helmet. The original had as frontpart a unique piece of buckled sheet metal. I tried to hammer these lines into a new piece of sheet metal, but that did not work well. Maybe i don’t have the right tools. A friend said why i don’t use worbla (this is a thermoplastic material many cosplayer use for their armor). So i tried and i think it succeeded. So this was the first time using worbla, next time i may do better, but this is ok for post apocalyptic stuff 😉


costume crafting hint


Often there are only small differences between a silly and a cool look. Have a look at the evolution of the Guard Helmet. Just moving the visor a few centimeters up makes the difference.  So try to make such small changes in your post apocalyptic costumes and maybe you find the look! The first take is often not always the best.


From no eyes, over silly to almost cool and finally cool & evil.



Teaser for our movie project


This weekend we made the footage for a teaser in which we will announce our upcoming post apocalyptic movie project.



The Road Fortress


An excursion to modeling. The City Express Bus became a post apocalyptic war rig vehicle with a little diorama.

„The Road Fortress“

crafted by ole




I found an interesting piece of scrap at the junkyard. Due the help of the people in the Wastelander Central Facebook Group, we figured out that it is some medical tool for acetabular cup placement.
I  guess you won’t find this everyday. I think it will be a sword handle, or maybe i find something more creative for this unique part.


I am also very happy about the old diesel canister and the most perfect post apocalyptic round shield / buckler, it came already predistressed 😉 … I just have to add a handle, maybe i will also add some spikes to make it look more brutal.




Last weekend, we had a very nice studio photoshooting with Michael Marx and Ralph Jänike.  Thank you so much! We got some very very good new photos, you can see them in the gallery and on the entry page!



over 1000 likes


We are very thrilled that we passed over 1000 likes on Facebook now!
Thank you people from all over the world for liking and sharing our stuff!
For celebration we will have some giveaways on our Facebook site for you soon, so like stay tuned!


Halloween Charity


We helped at a little Halloween charity event at the „Deutsch-Französcher Garten“ in Saarbrücken.
Kids could make photos with some fantasy creatures for a little tip.

Kim as a shaman is the third from the left. Ole with Dust Phantom mask is #5 and Luke as some kind of undead knight is #6.


Wasteland 3



The best news of the year: There will be a Wasteland 3!!!!!
And it was funded after 3 days ! I pledged the Collector’s Edition, unfortunately the game will come in Q4 2019… let’s hope the real apocalypse will get us AFTER the release.


There is still a chance to pledge, please do it so we reach the strech goals:



Just started a 3rd run through Wasteland 2 with some custom portraits.
I really love this game!



fark trailer


Yesterday we were part of the trailer shots for the next con Fark – Fantasy und Rollenspiel Messe . It was big fun ! We met many people with the same awesome hobby! Special greetings to postapoc colleague D&K – Dolche&Katana and thx to WidowFX Photography for the fotos !

ohoh we should better turn around

New character coming soon


Here is a little teaser of the new bounty hunter character „Cheap Tricks“.

Nasty Flail


just before you can say „WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?“

This basic post apocalyptic flail is made of two cylinders, a chain + two screws and two washers.
I got the motorcycle cylinders from the junkyard and the chain from my father, thank you!

variation 1
variation 2


Prosthetic Arm Update


I think the artificial arm is 90% done, but we have also to work on the skin makeup.


Prosthetic Arm


What is a post-apocalyptic factory without a prosthetic arm? Nothing ! Alright.  We just started building… still looks a bit steampunky right now…


little wasteland savage


I am currently working on the „little wasteland savage“ costume. It has begun as a little gag while working on another costume. Now i take it serious.

Fotoshooting is coming, so stay tuned !



Simple postapocalyptic Dagger


Just made a simple post apocalyptic prop at the outdoor workshop. Its built of just two awesome parts, we found at the junkyard, and some tissue from a shemag.

The knob is a part of an old gas pipe with nice aged taps.
The blade is, well, a rusty steel blade :-). Maybe its from a scythe.

This weapon could be useful even after the real apocalpyse. It is functional, It lies perfectly in hand and the taps give some protection like a quillion.

Post apocalyptic Dagger

Last Days Project


We are very happy that we can participate on a great project which is called Last Days Project. A german student will create awesome photo composings as part of a thesis. Check out the website. There you can see some great works!

We are really looking forward to this !


APOC Cards Booster Bag


The base deck is sold seperately?
YOU A*#$@&E!!!!!

The booster bag from Apoc Cards is finally ready to ship!

This booster is composed of 18 cards: 16 poker cards that people submitted, 1 information card, and a bonus card of one of your favorite Wastelanders himself The Lord Humungus! You can draw in your own suit for him to fit your deck!


Wastelander Card Game


This seems a little violent, is that blood on the Casino cards?
Who wants that…?

We want that! Our Desert Lurker and Freya’s Postapocalyptic Outfits are featured
on the Mercenaries Booster pack of Apoc Cards.

The Booster pack is not ready to sell yet but you can get the base set here:



3 of Diamonds Desert Lurker